Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Facts About Sterling Management

Have you thought about the indicators your patients or clients are giving for your office? Here are a couple of scenarios that show how powerful indicators can be when it comes to the marketing power of your business (http://sterlingmanagementcpa.tumblr.com/).

Scenario #1:  The patient calls for an appointment and is greeted by a human voice, not a robot.  He or she is told "good morning" in a sincere voice and every effort is made to ensure that the patient's schedule is accommodated in making the appointment.  In fact, the patient is given a choice of three appointment times within his or her specified date range.  The patient arrives for the appointment and is greeted by a smiling and friendly staff who are ready to take the patient back almost immediately.  The doctor or dentist comes in and speaks with the patient without being hurried, and answers all questions clearly.  After the treatment, the patient is given full written instructions for follow-up and an appointment is made before the patient leaves the building.  A follow-up phone call is scheduled for that evening or the next day simply to check on the patient's condition.

Scenario #2:  The patient calls for an appointment and is immediately put on hold.  After five minutes, the receptionist finally picks up and seems disinterested or unfriendly.  A "take-it-or-leave-it" attitude is displayed when the patient inquires about alternate appointment times.  When the patient arrives, he or she sees the same receptionist placing callers on hold in order to continue a personal phone conversation, all the time ignoring the patient standing at the front desk.  After a 45-minute wait, the patient is finally taken to the back where the doctor or dentist comes in and spends the minimum amount of time possible before dismissing the patient.  The patient is told to "make an appointment for follow-up" by calling in at a later time.  No follow-up aftercare call is made.

Which doctor's or dentist's office would you want to go to?  The patients who leave these offices will be going out into the community to tell their stories; what story do you think they will tell about you?  Will you have positive or negative indicators in the form of satisfied or dissatisfied patients?  How can you improve your office management so that the patients are treated well and give others a good report about you, thereby doing most of your marketing work on your behalf?

Sterling Management (https://peoplefiles.wordpress.com/sterling-management/) offers support and help for dentists and other professionals who want to "fix" the problems in their offices.  While Sterling CPA training is most widely known, the company can also apply their knowledge and skill to dentists, doctors and other professionals who need help with their office productivity and workflow.  By using the advice of these consultants, many professionals can avoid having to pay exorbitant prices for marketing.  In fact, many professionals save thousands of dollars per month on marketing and simply rely on word of mouth once their office issues are addressed and repaired.

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